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After playing for about 4 rounds, Bose has already been stripped to her pants and bra and she was really getting nervous as she didn’t want to strip more than that but she also didn’t want to quit the game so she decided to play the 5th round and she won so Ayo also had to take off his jeans leaving him with just his vest and boxers.

Then they continued with the 6th round and Bose lost again and she had to take off either her bra or panties which she didn’t want to do.

Bose closed her eyes and took in the moment while Ayo gently caressed her fleshy thighs.

Ayo is the first child of his parents and he had a younger sister who was schooling in a federal boarding school in Minna so it would just be him alone with his parents.

Sighing, he braced himself for a long and boring holiday except he can “scam” some cash out of his parents.

The smell was so good that he couldn’t wait to get his hands on her pussy.

He gently pulled down the panties to reveal her pussy which was neatly shaven, he then pressed his head on her pussy and licked it all over as if trying to dry her wetness with his tongue, he kept licking at it like it was a task at the , her moans made it obvious to him that he was really doing it right.

Her breathing became heavy and she knew he was going to do wonderfully naughty things to her body.