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Pictured: The couple in Nottingham on Friday Given that Meghan once waxed lyrical about this hippie outpost in her now-closed blog (‘Ah sweet Sayulita, with your beautiful beaches, relaxed surfer vibe, and boho-chic sensibility.

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However, a sizeable number of Americans disappear to this sprawling city, half an hour from the U. border, to escape debts, criminal charges or other problems.

Since official record-keeping is lax, many don’t register for a residency card and live there anonymously.

Indeed, when Harry and Meghan gave their candid first TV interview this week, to mark their engagement, perhaps their most surprising admission was that the Prince has not come face to face with his future father-in-law.‘He’s talked to my dad a few times; hasn’t been able to meet him just yet,’ said Meghan, a touch awkwardly, without explaining why her fiancé has yet to hop across the Atlantic to become acquainted with the father she adores and who has had such a major influence on her life. Why has this enigmatic man concealed his whereabouts so determinedly?

The mystery deepened when it was revealed that Harry had asked Mrs Ragland for her daughter’s hand in person, but requested her father’s permission over the phone. After all, placed in his position, many fathers would be singing their joy from the rooftops.

While we are becoming familiar with Meghan’s yoga-teacher mother, Doria Ragland, 61, who has already been photographed with the couple and is regularly seen strolling around her affluent Los Angeles neighbourhood, Mr Markle (whose 6ft 3in, 20st frame must make it difficult to melt into the background) has gone to inordinate lengths to avoid being traced.