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Platoon 4 comprised the youngest group of men who were exposed to the most amount of contacts during our 18 months on the border, as a result of this they were quick on the trigger.

This incident had a severe impact on morale not to mention the poor chap who pulled the trigger, he unfortunately had to accompany Barrington in a helicopter whilst travelling with Barrington alongside him. The name is Wayne Rees 79497012BT, was also in platoon 4 on the cutline when this sad event happened. We were all taking turns to stand guard (1 hour),in a large circle,sleeping 2 in a group.

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The burnt out Ratel was later destroyed by SADF Engineers to prevent its capture. Anderson was killed in an Eland armoured car accident near Novo Redondo in Angola, on 17 December 1975, during Operation Savannah. If there were correctly trained medics present, his death might have been avoided. We played hockey together and he was a great friend and up today we miss him. I am one of the "boys" in the photographs on 18 August 1982, standing up-right while the Last Tattoo and Reveille was played out and clearly remembering that there were no tears when Rev Moore, quoted Sir Winston Churchill's famous speech from the 2nd Word War. We volunteered for the Elite Paratroopers, and on that day, before finishing Basic Training, we were already at war, but were not yet ready to go to war. No-one cried on that Parade Ground, in front of Our Brothers Parents, while we honored our fallen Brothers.

Captain Alfred Desmond Mc Callum was the Commanding Officer of Foxtrot Company. I remember that even the ambulance battery was dead. Steve (28) and Porto (510) were 2 good guys who were a laugh when we share guard duty. It was one of the scariest moments of my life, knowing that when we left Bloemfontein for the Border, any-one of us could be next to have his name carved into the Memorial Wall.

For my Friend fuchi,man you were tough,hope god the old man is looking after you up there. We could not believe it, in a contact zone and this guy was told to make safe by some corporal from base! I wil never forget the coward that did not fire a single shot!

even though the rattles and mrl's served 4 months in angola as part of 32 in ops modula we hardly mentioned. I was actually staring at this guy when he let the round off, and Barnard was hit. A real rambo in base but a real coward when we were in the ambush! The driver saved our lives that day- 30 clicks from Oshigambo!

Before the men could extricate themselves, their Ratel 90 was hit and destroyed at point blank by a Soviet T-55 tank shell. Information extracted from Avontuur in Angola by Sophia du Preez (J. van Schaik 1989) My father died on 14 September 1985 on my 8th birthday, they day he was suppose to return home from the border. After passing a waterhole near a village his platoon was ambushed. When his mate got to him he told him to leave him and to help the more badly wounded chaps. A terrible accident, where one of the guys accidentally discharged his rifle one evening while all of us were sitting around chatting. Not many people know that Peter Atherton was an amateur boxer of note. n RPG, Grant Clark, nog een, dan Antonie Badenhorst en dan Luit Chris Strydom. Hy haal sy pistool uit en veg met sy linkerhand verder. Barrie's was part of the SWA forces and he along with Tillo von Brandis were send to the SA in 1986 for training.