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Hold off on starting anything new."It's not a great time to start a love affair," says Merlin.With the planet of love literally moving backward, "A lot of times a new relationship won't go forward."2."It brings action because Mars is the planet of aggression and Venus is the planet of love."Here's some good news: Like Mercury, Venus doesn't stay in retrograde forever.

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Jim Lauderdale's Planet of Love is one of the most auspicious debuts a singer/songwriter could release.

While Lauderdale had been on the scene for quite a while hanging on the West Coast -- where his actual first album was recorded by Columbia and never released -- he spent most of his time (and still does) writing songs for other acts.

Reprise had no idea how to market it, and though it sold acceptably and was reviewed very favorably, it was a blip on the screen. Lauderdale's songwriting, especially when paired with Leventhal, is flawless: there's enough rock, enough country, enough striking pop hooks, and killer bridges to make any music fan swoon.

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    In 1975, Bill and Sally, along with Seth and Clay, moved to the old Hardy place on Alkali.

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    If you leave this until the end of the date you may have already ticked off his pet hates by chewing your nails, talking with your mouth full or taking a phone call in the middle of the main course.

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