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Now author Steve Finan has collected some of the best bits of advice — all featured in the Pass It On column of The Sunday Post newspaper — in a new book. To clean behind a wardrobe or other piece of furniture too heavy to move, put a dust sheet over the top at the back and pull it from side to side, working to the bottom.

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Their solution was to dream up ways to cut corners and save time and money.

They then swapped these tips in the way we swap celebrity gossip.

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    Activities for the evening include a speed dating session, a large-scale simulation where you can “swap fluids” to simulate the spread of disease, a live performance from “Bill Henry Band,” Laser Karaoke in the Buhl Planetarium, and more!

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    Why anyone would go to a bar and spend 0 on alcohol and taxi cabs, and still not even be guaranteed to be laid, is beyond me.

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    As further incentive for flower-lovers to visit, the Tyler Azalea Trail in the spring is a popular walking tour of Tyler’s most impressive residential gardens.

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    ), but I wouldn’t recognize a pair of them if they fell out of the sky and knocked me upside my head. Au contraire, I clean up pretty well, and nothing warms my heart and my torso like a soft John Varvatos sweater-shirt. Gay or straight, we all love good grooming (though, in another strike against my gayness, aside from Kiehl’s Facial Fuel, I couldn’t care less about products) and a great sale on the men’s floor at Sak’s Fifth Avenue.