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Lady Bennerley professes that civilization is good because it helps one forget one's body.Dukes believes that man can never be released from his body, and that civilization is in a state of collapse.She ridicules herself though for thinking that a man washing himself is some sort of revelation. She returns to the house, and she knocks on the cottage door again.

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Lady Bennerley agrees that civilization will collapse, but has no idea what will come after it.

Tommy believes that might be real men in the next phase, ones who do not just cerebrate. Bolton, feels he will not forgive Constance for giving up on her personal care of him.

She feels that she doesn't even really want money, and that it is some sort of mysterious nothingness. Constance begins to go for walks every day, alone in the woods.

She thinks of how Clifford wants to be thought of as "really good" but she thinks that this desire for a good reputation is nonsense. She likes the inwardness and the silence of the woods, and their vital presence.

In a conversation between Constance and Tommy Dukes, Constance asks Tommy why men and women don't seem to like each other during their times. He also says that liking and talking to a woman means that one cannot love and desire her at the same time, or at least that he does not feel like he can do both at the same time.