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In this case, I could never have predicted that tag would lead to a greater lesson about love.

When I noticed the confused expression on my ex’s face, I quickly explained it to him.

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I don’t look sick, after all; most days, I work hard not to be.

He never brought it up again, but his demeanor toward me changed after that: sharp, biting, curt, and then apologetic, kind, accommodating.

I’ve always been okay with that: working with people.

Relationships are complex; no one is perfect all the time.

More than that, I hope you find someone who loves you for those same reasons you love yourself: your pain, your past, your ambition, your strong opinions, your goals, your crazy family, your mistakes, your triumphs, your secret habits, whatever it is.

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    The couple slipped quietly away to the next booth, but Jamie received a call from them weeks later.

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