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Hadiya’s father moved the Supreme Court on Tuesday seeking direction for in-camera proceedings of the hearing on November 27 by a bench led by Chief Justice DIpak Misra in connection with the Kerala ‘love jihad’ case.

KM Asokan said he and his daughter had right to privacy and that there were threats from extremist elements to their family.

In his application Asokan has requested the court to recall its earlier order directing Hadiya’s personal presence and insisted that the proceedings should be held away from public gaze as it not a “reality show.”Citing the recent privacy ruling, the father’s application said: “Further, this Hon’ble Court would be kind enough to take into consideration the impact on the privacy of not only Akhila but her family as well.”Hadiya was named Akhila before she converted to Islam.“It is respectfully submitted that a family’s anguish and misery caused by the acts of an extremist organization should not be reduced to a public spectacle and or a reality show.

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