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Questioned as to whether there was anything else, he said: "Maybe.

About four years ago I was given some child images which I deleted.

They found 457 indecent images of children, a dozen of which were at the more serious end of the spectrum.

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Nearly everyone on there is looking for a quick, easy hook up. What ever happened to asking a girl out, taking her on a date and at least attempting to be romantic before sending her a dick pic? Why were boys sending me the worlds worst chat up lines?

So, to honour the brave men who send ridiculous messages in the first place, I’ve collected their most embarrassing lines for your enjoyment.

The play’s elevated language spliced with realism allows them to talk about who they are underneath: vital, interesting, multi-dimensional souls who want to live fruitful lives.

It’s fitting that, when the play hurtles towards its conclusion and bulldozers threaten their homes, they are prepared to defend this “merry, miserable life” to the end.

The fiscal said Melville had been expelled from the chatline for having an "inappropriate conversation" with a girl. The Sheriff agreed, but ordered Melville to be placed on the sex offenders' register.