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The Kush varieties are perhaps the most typical of Indicas, having changed little from their wild parents in the Hindu Kush.Most pure Indica or Indica dominant hybrids have a smell that is musky, spicy, hashy or skunky.

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Cannabis smokers dating site

In a report last year, we found that over a third of areas in England had similar policies, and we know that these policies have become much more commonplace since then.

What is especially concerning is that not only are more clinical commissioning groups implementing such policies, they are also implementing increasingly harsher policies, restricting patients access to surgery even further.” “Often we find that these policies are brought in to help alleviate financial pressure,” he said.

A spokesperson from Herts Valleys CCG said: “This policy is designed to improve patient safety and outcomes, both during and immediately after non-urgent surgery. “Being fit and healthy before surgery can reduce the risk of serious complications, shorten stays in hospital and help patients recover better.

We also hope to improve the long-term health of our residents through the targeted stop-smoking and weight-loss support on offer to patients.

Indica plants evolved in the often harsh environment of the Asian highlands.